Implementation Plan Outline

Deeper Learning with Digital Portfolios

Lara Riley

21st century learners need specific skills to be successful in college and the work force.  As educators it is our job to provide them with the opportunities for deeper learning of content and technology, the ability to take ownership and express their voices through authentic learning experiences. The following is a plan of implementation of digital portfolios which will allow our students to develop those skills.

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Phase 1:

  1. Develop a lesson plan for introducing and implementing the digital portfolio for my students so that desired outcomes and rationale can be communicated.
  2. Have students review other student digital portfolios and platforms, and evaluate their components, benefits, and ease of use.
  3. Students will develop a list of meaningful components, goals, and a plan for their own portfolios.
  4. Ensure students have an opportunity to create various multimedia projects in the current curriculum. Have them use a variety apps to become comfortable creating, organizing, and storing documents and projects.

Phase 2:

  1. Students will use computer labs to create digital projects from various subjects.
  2. Students create a multimedia About Me project to describe themselves.
  3. Students create a personal project to describe or document a hobby or interest.

Phase 3:

  1. Begin student portfolios with their About Me entry, personal project entry, and their choice of one academic entry (including a reflection on learning).
  2. Have students develop a feedback form based on their stated goals.
  3. Ask students to share their portfolios with me, two other teachers, and three of their friends.
  4. Students provide feedback forms and review feedback from at least four people.
  5. Students will write a reflection of their work with the digital portfolio. This will be included in the digital portfolio.

Phase 4:

  1. Select and share a group of student digital portfolios with school and district leaders.
  2. Collaborate with a team of leaders to develop a plan to increase student engagement with the portfolios.

Phase 5:

  1. Continue working with original group of students to increase portfolio entries to one or more academic and personal entries each quarter.
  2. Collaborate with other teacher/student groups to implement digital portfolios in other courses.


Innovation Plan

Literature Review

13 thoughts on “Implementation Plan Outline

  1. Lara,

    I enjoyed viewing your innovation plan! A digital portfolio would sound like a great idea! I especially like the idea that you’re going to provide feedback to the students about their portfolios and having students send the portfolio to three different teachers.


    1. Thanks. My reasons for that are threefold. First I think it would be encouraging for them to receive feedback from different perspectives. Second, I want them to get comfortable sharing their thoughts and work with others. It can be a scary thing to be vulnerable. Last, since I think it would be beneficial for the digital portfolios to be implemented schoolwide, I want the other teachers to see what our students can create!


  2. Peer Review #1
    I enjoyed your outline and the detailed steps that you have students taking during the implementation of the digital portfolios. Are the months listed for the phases how many months it will take to implement that phase or the month that it will take place over 1 year? Just want to make sure it is clearly stated. I am curious about Sway. Do the students use it a lot and is it user-friendly? I cannot wait to hear how the students respond and perform with their digital portfolios. Great job.


    1. Our students have just begun using Sway. The Microsoft 365 suite is new for our district. As far as I know, I’m the only teacher at school who has had the students explore Sway. They are currently working on an argumentative speech, and they have to create a multimedia presentation to go along with it. Most teachers either skip that part or have them create a ppt.

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    2. Based on additional feedback, I decided to remove the timeframe element from each phase. I also changed the plan so that students would not be limited to Microsoft’s platforms and apps. I think giving the freedom to explore different options for their digital platforms will yield the best results.


  3. Peer Review #2:
    Lara, I really like how your plan is organized. You did an awesome job describing what would be happening every few months. I think it’s very clear and a completely “doable” plan! So awesome job with the outline! 🙂 I do have one suggestion, which I’m in the process of doing. I would suggest to start with the “why”, in the beginning of your plan. Again, great job!


    1. That’s definitely a great suggestion. I think you are right. The “why” should come first, otherwise it could just be another checklist of things for the students to do. I really want them to take ownership of the digital portfolio and their own learning, so the reason behind it is critical.


  4. I like the way you have the students look at examples of eportfolios and use them to define what makes a good portfolio and what that’s going to realistically mean for them. It’s almost like you’re giving them choice, ownership, and voice in pursuit of authentic learn…oh, wait….8^)


  5. Peer Review #1
    I’ll go first! Hey, your layout like you said is just like mine. I love this design. Now for the review part, I like how detailed it is and also it’s simplicity. For step/phase one, I think you could incorporate a “lesson plan” that will focus on introducing the Sway platform and how you’ll model it from your own experience using Sway and use that as a doorway to introduce your ePortfolio.


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