Quick Learning or Deep Learning?

It is so difficult to emphasize the process of learning and to take the focus from “the test,” whatever that may be.  In the New Culture of Learning (2012) video, Thomas reminds us that passion, imagination, and constraint are keys to meaningful learning.

While watching the video, I was reminded of a conversation I had with my brother. He has a toddler grandson whose mother is from Asia.  She has only lived in the United States a few years and English is not her first language. This little boy seemed to have a speech delay which was causing concern.  However, he was listening to two differently languages intently.  Although he was quiet, he was sorting out very different sounds and words.  One day his speech just started pouring out, and he actually has an amazing vocabulary in two different languages. He was certainly more capable than most people would’ve thought.   If his parents limited his exposure to only one language, he probably would’ve spoken sooner, but would not have the bilingual head-start he has now.

As a teacher, I struggle with the idea that I want to prepare my students for the spring assessment, but I want them to learn and have a desire to learn. If I expose them to more than just the curriculum, they might go farther than expected, but will it be enough by April?  I’m excited about using technology in new ways to help expand their passion and imagination, while still living within the constraints of the curriculum.


Thomas, D. (2012). A new culture of learning. (TEDxUFM) [Video]. htps://youtu.be/lM80GXlyX0U

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