Appeal to the Heart

The Behavioral Science Guys video really stuck with me over the last couple of weeks.  I’ve seen this behavior and response in myself and others many times.  It is like a default setting that I switch back to when I don’t plan what I want to say AND think about the response that I’m hoping for.  Behavioral-Science-Guys-Blog-Cover_1920x1080-1

I don’t know if it is the “parent” in me, the “wife” in me, or the “teacher” in me that frequently makes me feel the need to share the information I think the other person needs to know…. sometimes I share it over and over or loudly, and then I wonder why the other person becomes defensive.  As I’ve reflected on the video and the phenomenon, I think about how I react to people and sometimes become defensive or display reactance.

If I want a change in behavior or at least the acknowledgment that I change MIGHT be beneficial, it would be wise to remember the BS guys. They said to first provide a safe environment for people to explore the motives that they already have.  I know that asking non-judgmental questions to help a person explore their own motives at their own pace is more likely to open the lines of communication.

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