A Digital Portfolio

That One More Thing

I know teachers are always being asked to do “that one more thing.”  That one thing added to the many others can be overwhelming.  But suppose “that one more thing” is just what’s needed to help our students achieve the deeper learning we all want.

When researching the idea of what would have the greatest impact on our students, I knew that creating this blog, this digital portfolio, of my learning has helped me grow tremendously.  I knew that our students would also benefit from the authentic learning experience a digital portfolio provides.

I first designed a proposal.  I knew that the use of digital portfolios in the classroom would be beneficial, but I need to share it with my administration and other stakeholders.

Next I developed an implementation plan outline.  This is an overview of how the digital portfolio process will look in action at our school.  Each faculty member and student has a part to play in the process.

Finally, I wanted to make sure the research and data supports the use of digital portfolios as a learning tool. The evidence in my litrature review shows that students do achieve deeper learning and take ownership in their learning when creating digital portfolios.

I am looking forward to watching our students excel when sharing and reflecting on their learning experiences through their portfolios even as I learn more.  Although I have researched the benefits of using the digital portfolio as a tool in the classroom, there is so much more for me to learn.  As we move forward, I will continue to study and develop the plan as needed.  There are additional sources for me to review for our portfolios to be most effective.

Annotated Bibliography

Clark, H. and Avrith, T. (2017). The Google infused classroom: A guidebook to making thinking visible and amplifying student voice. Ivine, Ca: Ed Tech Team Press.

This book discusses numerous ways teachers can use technology to engage students in their learning.  It encourages teachers to design instruction so that students will demonstrate their learning through authentic experiences.

Renwick, M. (2017). Digital portfolios in the classroom: Showcasing and assessing student work. Alexandria, Va: ASCD.

This book is a guide for teachers to implement digital portfolios in the classroom. It details the collection and organization of student work. One focus is the use of the portfolios as qualitative assessment.

Reynolds, C., Patton, J., & Rhodes, T. (2015). Leveraging the ePortfolio for Integrative Learning: A Faculty Guide to Classroom Practices for Transforming Student Learning. Sterling: Stylus Publishing.

This book is a guide to help make student learning visible to peers, teachers, colleges or future employers.  The book also include strategies for teachers to use digital portfolios in their courses to scaffold learning and for student reflection.

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