Finishing 5303

Reflections on My Second Course

think outside of the box
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As my second course in the Digital Learning and Leading comes to a close, I need to take time to reflect on all that I’ve learned. This course provided me with the time and encouragement I needed to really work on my personal learning journey.

At the close of the first course, I converted my new ePortfolio from Wix to WordPress. I used the bare bones of the platform because it was all completely foreign to me.  During the 5303 course, each week I was able to add to my ePortfolio and explore options within WordPress.  I changed the theme more than once and learned to add images to my posts.

In our online class meetings, the instructor led discussions about our learning and ePortfolio. I learned as much from our discussions as I did from any of the reading assignments. We were encouraged to work together to provide feedback for each other. This collaborative work was so beneficial in my desire to take risks. I saw elements that I liked in the work of my cohorts, and I received suggestions for areas I could improve.  This partnering between classmates is something I want to facilitate within my own students. I imagine that it takes genuine effort on the part of an online instructor to enable students in a digital setting to feel that teamwork.

I look forward to learning and growing throughout the rest of the course, but I especially see the benefit in working with other students in the program. We are all shifting toward a growth mindset and are looking forward to taking risks. I really had no idea that when I started the Digital Leading and Learning program that I would be doing so much learning about learning itself!




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