Why an e-portfolio? Why now? How can I begin?

So Many Questions!

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Although I have created a couple of simple websites in the past, I never considered creating an e-portfolio before now. That isn’t quite true. I considered it for a very brief time when my youngest child was very little.  He is almost 18 now, so blogging wasn’t much of a concern for me at the time.  I had four other children in my home when he was born with a rare chromosome abnormality.  I was a homeschooling, military mom, and I thought I didn’t have time to write down all the doctors’ visits, medical tests, accomplishments, and setbacks we had.  Oh, how I wish I now had written down those experiences.  I would love to have that record for myself, but also to share with others, who may be starting their own similar journey. How many lessons did I learn along the way that could benefit somebody out there?

Today is the time for me to start. Only because I didn’t start yesterday.  Again, looking back, I can consider what I’ve learned over the past five decades.  That information, those experiences, have helped to mold me into the wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, and teacher that I am today.  I don’t get to share them with most people, though. Sometimes, I don’t even take the time to stop and reflect on them myself.  This e-portfolio gives me an appointed time and place to do both of those things.

I started with something I was familiar with, and I created a website with Wix.  It is a simple platform and easy to navigate. I had already created a website using Wix, so I knew there were templates available, and I knew how to change themes and add elements.  After talking to others and listening to a professor (Harapnuik, 2016), I decided WordPress was the way for me to go.  I like that I have many options, although it took a little bit of playing around to get things where I wanted.  I’m now looking forward to seeing how far my little page can go and want to encourage others to get started on theirs!


Harapnuik, D. (2016, March 3). EDLD 5303 Getting started tips. Retrieved from http://www.harapnuik.org/?p=6322


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